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Welcome to my Gallery


I'm not a professional photographer but I've always loved taking photos. I dabbled with black and white processing for a time, when I had a darkroom, but it was when I was given my first computer (a mac IIfx) that creating pictures became my passion. Now I have a lovely Powermac, and a scanner, I've expanded my capabilities. I hope you enjoy the photos. Please feel free to use the low res pics on this site, for your personal use, as desktop pictures, startupscreens, etc. If you are interested in high res pictures or prints, please let me know through my guest book, or e-mail me.

Most of my pictures are made from my own photographs. My daughter, Kama, also sends me photos which I work on.

If you enjoy these pictures, please visit my other site. Some of the pictures are the same but most are different. It is also called averilpam's gallery.

California photos

Personal Photos


Oregon Photos

Connecticut Photos

alphabet samplers

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